It doesn't look as if OutSystems includes "resizable" in its jQueryUI. I am using v9.0.1.25 and jQuery version 1.8.3

Is there a way to include this function in my code?  I am trying to bypass the fact that resize isnt supported by Internet Explorer.


Hi Dan,

Did you ever find an answer to this?  I am coming across the same thing and ideally I don't want to import other plugins unless this is the only way? Currently I am implementing a workaround where one can change the column widths and table widths via a popup. There is stuff on the forege but I can't say I understand why they work!!

Hi Edward,

We established that the resizable function is Chrome specific and therefore cant be used in Internet Explorer (although we havent done any further extensive checks).  

It would be nice to be able to "grab" a boundary between columns and be able to drag to change an extended property width on the columns but I am not aware of one around.

Cheers Dan!1 Not to worry! Thanks for your reply