Help on Outsystems Installation Error

Hi Outsystems,
may i ask help on installing outsystems, this happened after i grant permission and click apply exit to 
the configuration tool.

Please see the attached file.

Hello Julius

The error message is related to the enforcement of FIPS compliance in that server, which the OutSystems Platform still doesn't fully support.

The FIPS compliance setting on the Windows server checks and blocks the usages of weak hashes and cyphers, like the MD5 check sum hashing algorithm. This algorithm is still used by the OutSystems Platform for some hashing purposes, which clashes with the FIPS compliance enforcement done by Windows operating system when this setting is on.

As-is, the OutSystems Platform doesn't support FIPS Compliance enforced operating systems, so to install the platform one needs to disable this setting from the operating system.

Hope this information is helpful.


Are the plans for future versions of Outsystems to be fully FIPS compliant ?


Hi Aleey,

Summarizing the above thread, Windows has a setting named "Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption", which interferes with the execution of OutSystems applications.

But, despite the confusing setting name, OutSystems uses FIPS-compliant encryption algorithms. 

If your IT policies mandate that you activate the Windows setting "Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption", you can follow these instructions to override the Windows setting.