Combo box with images

Combo box with images

I'd like to have a combo box that has images instead of (or together with) text. I can't seem to find anything in the forge to do that. Does anyone have experience with this?
Hi Kilian. You can try to use Search and Autocomplete component from forge. It's an awesome component. But if you really do not wish an "autocomplete" solution (that replaces the combobox needs in some cases), you can open this component and see how it implements the customizable "combobox view" and create your own.
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Hi Kilian,

Did the Search and Autocomplete component solve your problem?
I have a similar problem.

Kind regards,
Hi Martijn,

I must admit I only glanced at the component, and decided it probably didn't meet my objectives. Also, the need for a combobox with images was put in the backlog, so I might check it out in more detail later.
Maybe this component can help:

In plugin page we have some multiselect with images:

Hi Louis,

The link you provided is the link for this topic :).
Fixed !