Error : Connection to the server was reset

Hello Community Members,

Earlier my application was working fine. In my Display screen, I just have added around 4 tables and around 90 labels into it. After that I am not able to load that particular screen. In browser, it gives an error called "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET".

If I remove those labels, application works fine.

Attached is the screenshot. What are possible solutions to this problem?

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

Have you debugged the screen to find out what causes this?
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply. 

I have added 6 buttons and 6 containers in my existing display screen. Onclick of these buttons, I am toggling display conditions of these 6 containers. In debugger mode, when I am clicking on any button, pointer is not going inside the screen action. In browser cursor keeps rotating. So I am still investing into this issue. (Other functionality of Display screen is working fine except these 6 containers).

Thanks a lot.

Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

You probably have too complicated screen logic, or some JavaScript that runs rampant. If you click a button, and have a debug breakpoint on the Start of the screen action (and the debugger's on, etc.), but the breakpoint never hits, it must be some non-platform JavaScript that goes awry.
Thanks Kilian.

I will check and update you.
I've seen this particular error happen when you download something with a button set to "Ajax Submit" instead of "Submit", but it appears it's not the case.
Hi Joao,

Thanks for the reply.

Do you want to say that I should set method to "Submit" instead of "Ajax Submit"? 

On button click I am not downloading anything. I am just setting six variables either true or false and after that using ajax refresh to refresh the containers.

Is there any mistake in doing that?

Have you solved this problem before?

Please advice.

Best Regards,
Suraj Borade
No Suraj,
I am not saying to change to submit. Only if you download something... 

If you are refreshing containers stick to Ajax!