App Feedback Entities - Expose Process Events?
Hi everyone,

I wanted to expose process events on the Feedback entity from App Feedback, but the option isn't available from Service Studio. I could change the setting on ossys_Entity but that won't do it, right? Why Outsystems doesn't make this an available option?

My only way is to have a timer and check periodically when a new Feedback record is created or updated? I love App Feedback, but the options are limited and wanted to customise it...

I am a bit disappointed with the use of the App Feedback.

It is a great tool to collect feedback, but OutSystems made it very difficult to use it... The ECT Provider lacks in terms of functionality, e.g. We can only flag feedbacks as "Close", besides the initial "Open" status.
It would be ok if we could easily build on top of that, but that's not the case.
We cannot Expose Process Events, we cannot even open the eSpace on Service Studio (not possible to clone either...) and there is no documentation available whatsoever (besides two simple pages on Help:

I built a new app to manage feedback collected from App Feedback but I feel it could be better. One thing that annoys me is that I would like to show the Users the screen they have submitted, but they can only see it if they have the FeedbackManager role... really??


The fact that Feedback entity does not expose process events is very frustrating. Having this would help a lot.


Hi, I would like this too.

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