50K Consumer End-Users

50K Consumer End-Users

I'm continuing to look at OS after giving up a couple weeks ago.

I have an app that has less than 20 internal users (devops, customer service, etc).

I want to build a customer order management app that has 50K to 60K consumer end-users with profiles and accounts - with a peak conncurrent usage in the 10K range several times per year.

The pricing I've received is >100K per year for our plan.  Am I missing something or is OS really not intended or capable of a consumer-facing app where there will be realistic user volume?  I can't scale to our goal of 1M users in 18 months if I'm paying roughly $1.50 per customer that simply registers an account?

Is there a way around this crazy pricing model by simply having all of our user management handled outside of OS?  Or will I still get crushed by the concurrent users, or total app installs?
Did you actually get a price for the system with 1M users?  In my limited experience asking similar questions related to pricing, Outsystems, in my opinion, will work with you to come up with a model that will work.  It's not fair to assume that because it's $100K for 50K users that a million users would be 20 times that amount.  Work with their sales people and I think you'll figure out something that will work.

Hope this helps,
Hey Curt,

You're becoming the licensing referral expert on this forum now. :)
Seems so.  It's just that when I started two years ago I asked all the same questions.  And I understand it can be challenging because Outsystems doesn't lay it out nice and neat (x dollars for y users, etc.) so it's a challenge for those expecting the product to be sold like that.  Ultimately, I believe it is an advantage for the client because they seem to be willing to customize the platform limits to work with what you want to do.  For example, if I ever get approval for the application I'm trying to develop they will have 1 million users, but they only would access the system once every three years normally.  If it was a fixed price per user I'd have issues with that.
Yeah, I agree, that's also our experience.
Thanks Curt,

I didn't bother with the 1M user pricing because $100K for 50K users is way too high, espeically when that is on my own hardware (or strangely even the cloud, as there is no discount/premium for using on-prem or cloud, respectively).

Regardless of the enterprise style pricing for a consumer facing app, my question is also about getting around this.  Is there anyone in the forum that has a high-consumer volumn app using OS, and how are they handling the pricing model?

Why is $100K way too high for a consumer-facing app?  50K users = 30K active each month = 3K to 10K conncurrent users = 725 average invoices per month = $11.50 "recurring" conversion cost just for the app.  Meaning our mobile app sale price must be beyond our consumers' purchase point or our margin is drastically disadvantaged.  The conversion cost must be a maximum of $2.50, and non-recurring.  Even if there was a non-recuring pricing model for non-enterprise users, we could stretch out the cost over 4-5 years as our customer base typically repeat purchases from us for 10 years.  But as it stands now, OS "seems" excessivelly priced beyond reason (especially when purely a license model on private infrastructure).  So exceessive, I thought to ask in the forums to see what I might be missing.  It won't take long for a competitor to change the pricing model and provide just as good a solution and erode the OS business model (I've witnessed this happen with a multi-billion-dollar licensing company that lost all their biggest accounts - actually the largest account simply purchased a competing technology and controlled it on their own dime, which is a massive blow to the entire industry).

I spoke with sales on this topic over several days for several hours.