Configuration of web end points in each environment

Hi Team,
I'm trying to use rest webservice componet of outsystems.Is there a way in which i can dynamically pass the endpoints for creation of webservice.As they will be different in each environment.
I want to have a configuration setting\file, which will be utilized with each deployment and canconfigure the webservice endpoints used in this widget.

Take a look at the Forge component DynamicSoap.  If you can't use it as-is it should give you ideas on how this can be implemented.

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Hi Priyanka,

Can you please explain your use case?
Why do the endpoints need to be different at each environment? What are the differences?

João Rosado
Hi Priyanka,

You can configure the end points in Service Center. Once they're set to a certain value, they don't change if you deploy a new version.
Hi All,
Just to shed more light on my requirement.
We have rest web service that we want to utlize in outsystems. each environment's specific web service connects to it respective database source.Hence for each environment we woulkd require to configure that specific end points.
Hi Killan,
Thanks for the response,
Can you please expalin more on how to configure end points in service center as opposed to service studio?

On the eSpace page in Service Center, click the Integrations tab. There the consumed web services are listed. Click the one you want to change. A new page opens, allowing you to set the Effective URL, the Logging Level (very handy for debugging) and the Username/Password for basic authentication.
This was really helpful. Thanks!i was wondering if there is any help document on this for my team to refer to?
I usually see such concepts being discussed in Forums , but it will be helpful to have a good documentation.
Hi Priyanka,

I'm not sure there is any. I did a quick Google, and it seems the 8.0 documentation was the last to mention it. Weird.

Here a link for the REST API configuration documentation:

Here is a example screenshot:

João Rosado
Thanks a lot Rosado!