Hi guys,

I have a module espaceA and a user with the espaceA_role set. If the user logs in any other application and after access a page of espaceA, the OutSystems platform automatically redirects the user to the requested page. Everything works as expected.

However I need this user to NOT automatically login in my app, even it is already logged in another application and have permissions to access it. I already tried to prevent this behavior in NoPermission screen, but nothing has being triggered there...

There is some way to prevent my app to login a user that is already logged in?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

[EDIT] I can't use a different user provider to achieve this... (customer restrictions).
I would say the solution is to use a different user provider.

If the customer restrictions are about not wanting to manage two user lists, you could have that app sync automatically with the first user provider.
They aren't being "auto logged in". They ARE logged in. You don't log in to an "app" you login against a user provider. Joao is right, use a different user provider, and if they must keep the users in-sync, then sync them with some backend process.

I can't use a different user provider and one of the reasons is because the envinroment authentication is set to LDAP, and all the Users from AD are included there.

@Joao, Sync the user providers seems a good approach!

@Justin, Thank you for the explanation. You are right about log in to a user provider, I had a misconception about it..

Thank you guys! :)