Raw email

I have a simple task that seems to be not that simple in Outsystems.
I need to send an email that contains a web form with input boxes and a submit button.
Outsystems removes lines containing <input type="text" ..> and <input type="submit" ..>. Is there a simple way to do it in Ousystems or I would have to build a .NET module for that?
I'll assume you're setting the HTML data with one or more expression widgets.  There is a setting called Escape Content for those widgets.  If you set it to 'No', it will leave your HTML code unaltered.  The default is 'Yes' which causes Outsystems to protect your application by 'escaping' the raw HTML code.

Hope this helps,
Hi Curt,
I'm doing exactly that, expression widgets and Escape Content - 'No'; but buttons, input boxes, and similar form elements are cleaned and removed by Ousystems..

Thanks for your response.