Search Function- Not work on Page 2.

Search Function- Not work on Page 2.


I am trying to implement a search feature on an SQL Table. The table has a list of 200 skill names, so it is split on several pages. On Page 1, the search function can search the entire list. However, on Page 2 and beyond, the search function does not work. I have also included the image of the Search Action. I have used a SearchKeyword Variable. Reset Filters is False, and Reset Pagination is True. Any ideas, would be greatly appreciated. Any questions about other elements of the code, don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards.

This is the Skills Total SQL query.

Format:HTML Format Version:1.0 StartHTML: 165 EndHTML: 1667 StartFragment: 314 EndFragment: 1635 StartSelection: 314 EndSelection: 314
SELECT  {Skills}.[Skills], {Skills}.[Id],Count({Employee_Skill}.[Id])
FROM {Skills}
FULL JOIN {Employee_Skill} ON {Skills}.[Id]={Employee_Skill}.[SkillId]
WHERE {Skills}.[Skills] Like ('%' || @SearchKeyword || '%')
GROUP BY {Skills}.[Skills], {Skills}.[Id]
ORDER BY {Skills}.[Id]
Hi Edward,
Do you have a RichWidgets\List_Navigation? If yes,
In Refresh Action, the ajax refresh includes
Hi Filipe

I already had this, the image are the values it is set to.

In the TableRecord do you have a value to startIndex? Like this List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(AbsencePeriodTable.Id, True)

In your image you have a skilltotal.count. what is this?

List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(SkillTable.Id, True)

Hi Filipe.

SkillTotal is an Advanced SQL query used to count how many employees have a skill. Count is one of the parameters, (There's list and count), it's the count one.
Please see my example
Hi Filipe.

I'm on Outsystems 8, so I cannot see this. ` Please could you screenshot the code?
Sorry! Screenshot in word