[FeedbackMessage++] Weird behaviour when reaching the original feedback timeout
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Forge component by André Siébra

I've been trying out this component and at first all seemed fine.

However I noticed a weird behaviour: using a Timeout below the original feedback timeout (e.g. 5 seconds) the feedback message does disappear but after a few seconds the feedback message appears in the same place and then slides up.

It seems to me that a previous animation needs to be cleared. I tried to do this but I'm not getting any results.

Anybody out there that can help?
Hi Sónia!

This is really weird... the message appears twice? I'll check it out later, but if you could share an oml or a small video of this behavior would help.

Best regards,
Hello André!

I've attached a video of the behaviour.
Around the 17 second mark you can see the feedback message appearing again.


Hi Sónia!

I've tried to simulate the bug but I got no success. Check this video.

I used the same browser that yours (FireFox) just in case... You can try to access the test module I've just created here. This module have only  a webscreen with a submit button that calls the feedback message with timeout of 2 sec (below the original as you said).

Please, if you are doing anything different that might be causing this bug tell me. I'll investigate and fix it as soon as possible.

Hi André,

Sonia asked me to do a demo for the component to see if I also have the same problem and she was right, we put 5000 miliseconds on the timeout property, and the message disappears after 5 seconds but then, after like 10 seconds, it "flashes" on the screen. I used Dublin theme from silk, dunno if it's relevant.


Carlos Seabra 
Hi Carlos,

I've just tried to simulate this bug in the scenario you have mentioned above, but got no success too... =/

Check this link.

Please, share a simple test OML so I can identify this problem. 

Thanks in advance :)

[EDIT] I've attached an oml of the app above.


Hi André,

I've attached my oml, take a look if you don't mind. By the way, I've tested it on chrome and firefox and it happens on both browsers, it's a trikcy bug. 



Carlos, thank you for share it.

I've published your module in my personal envinroment and tested. Check it here: https://screencast.com/t/B6rUVkhlZla

I noticed that your silk ui framework version was outdated. See: 

What platform version /SilkUI version are you using? I'm not sure what is going on... but try to update this references and try again. If the bug persists, I can provide you a FeedbackMessage++ Beta version that I'm currently working (maybe something is different...)

Hi Andre!

So just to make sure that nothing was missing/outdated and preventing the correct behaviour of the feedback message, I've updated all references and even my Service Studio to :). However the incorrect behaviour persists.

Along with Carlos, we noticed that the reappearance of the feedback message only occurs when its type is either 'Success' or 'Info'.

Anyhoo, I've attached the sample eSpace I've been working on.


Hi Sónia!

a) The Silk UI Framework you are using is on version 1.2.1?
b) Are you tested the link I've just posted above from my personal envinroment?
c) Which is the web platform version on the server?

I'll keep trying to get this bug here, if you could answer these questions would very helpful. 

Thanks :)
Hello again :)

Regarding your questions:

a) I'm using the same version of Silk U - v1.2.1;
b) I've tried your .oml and have been getting the same incorrect outcome;
c) Platform version

Thanks once again!

 I Also having same problem with same scenario. Please help about this. Thanks.
Hi guys,

Can you please test this new beta version? It contains a fix to this issue. I was going to publish it, but I need to be sure it's working. If the problem persists, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone,

I did some quick tests with the new version on platform 9.1 and it seems to be working now.

Just a suggestion though: after the timeout period, the message simply disappears. A nice-to-have would have the feedback message slide back up aka have the opposite behavior to when it appears (it slides down).
But like I said: its just a suggestion :)
Hi Sónia,

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll upload soon the version 1.1 that contains this fix and support to 9.1 (Bali).

About your insightful suggestion, actually I'm currently working on the version 1.2 which main goal is add a set of animations to hide the message. Hope it will be available soon :)

Version 1.2 sounds great!

Keep up the good work! :)
Hi Andre,

Thank you very much for your fix. Its working for me also. And I used 9.0 platform.

Good job André... I'm watint for this 1.2 version!!!
Thanks João

The new 1.2 version is now available for download. Hope you guys enjoy it.

If you find any issue, please tell me and I'll fix it as soon as possible.


André Siébra

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