options to show categories in columns like excel

I am having problems to display columns using components. I realized, when I use list records, a new break line is inserted when the container reachs its width. Is there some component or some advice could show columns like excel using horizontal scroll bar? See where I arrived and the component I have created.

I'm not sure what you mean, but I think this post will help.

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Hi Andre,
   I just want this. A horizontal scroll bar appearing when the columns side-by-side go beyond the width of the container. Like in the picture below.

I have just read the post and it seems the oml I attached is one of the answers of it.
You can achieve this with CSS. Put all this content inside a Container with this style set:

.Container { max-width: 200px; overflow-x: scroll; }

If you wish the scroll bar to appear only when the content overflows the max-width value, set the overflow-x property to "auto". Have you already tried this?

Yes. It doesn't work.
Is there another component can do that ?
Hi Luciano,

Sorry, I can't record a component for this... usually we achieve this with CSS, idk what is wrong (I'm not a css specialist), but it should be working. I'm curious now...