WSDL Load Error - (401) Unauthorised

WSDL Load Error - (401) Unauthorised

Consume SOAP Web Service

Using SOAPUI a WSDL is imported and works fine

Using Platform

I cannot consume a SOAP web service from a WSDL either placed on my local drive or via address
When the address is entered into a browser you are asked for basic authentication which when entered correctly the WSDL is displayed

If I include the Basic authentication within the URL I get one step futher but fails authorisation when accessing the XSD    for example

I enjoyed
and it explains why authentication credentials are probably lost beween accessing the wsdl and the xsd referenced in the wsdl but how to get this work. How do you manually create a SOAP Webservice (yawn)

Many thanks

PS: Because SOAPUI can is not a criticism as so it should as it is a dedicated tool! But just to show the WSDL is well formed, it exisits, no strange permissions etc
Hi George.

You must use the action "SetWebReferenceCredentials" from the system extension "EnhancedWebReferences" before you call one of the Web Service Methods.
I cant wait to do that but I first have to consume it! The error is on consumption into the platform of the service not invoking
To consume you must use basic authentication like you already tried:

In what moment you get the error about the xsd?
If I try and consume using URL


I get dialog error message 
WSDL Load Error - (401) Unauthorised


If I try and consume using URL


I get dialog error message WSDL Load Error - (401) Unauthorised


So it looks like I get one step forward as the WSDL can be accessed but the processing of the wsdl by the platform needs to maintain the basic authentication which it does not..a guess

just tried at home and same error to discount some work pc issues

Hope this gets resolved as there is no POC with out it.
1. Downloaded the WSDL file 

2. Downloaded the XSD file

3. Manually edited the downloaded WSDL schemaLocation to point to local xsd version

4. Consumed Successfully

But there does seem to be an issue here with maintaining basic authentication through out the consumation process.