[Excel Report] Can u provide a sample

[Excel Report] Can u provide a sample

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Published on 2017-11-27 by Miguel Meireles
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Published on 2017-11-27 by Miguel Meireles
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Outsystems. I want to use this Excel Report Extention. I am able to download and add reference. I am not able to implement it properly, can you please provide some sample for this extension?


Hi Salini,

a link for the Manual https://meiras.outsystemscloud.com/ExcelReportDemo/ExcelReport.docx

hope it helps
Hi Miguel Meireles,

Thanks for the link. After going through the document, I tried to implement as shown in the attached screen shot. I am able to see only "CreateExcelReport" action. Hope it is the same as "PopulateExcelReport" action in document. It generates an empty excel file. Please help.

Thanks & Regards


send you a demo
Hi Miguel Meireles,

Thanks a lot for the sample. I am able to generate excel report. 
Now I want to display an image dynamically from the database (for eg., profile pic).
Is it possible using this template?

Actually I am getting the image as binary data. 


Hi Salini

You can try to create the template with the image link, I do not know whether it will work.

best regards
Miguel Meireles