Are there known issues with support portal regarding submitting a support ticket?

I have submitted 2 tickets in the past week.
I have not received any communiation from any support team members, and now I cannot find the support tickets in the portal.

Can a support member please contact me ASAP as we are having issues with the upgrade to Bali.


Robbie - This would be the reason... 
The OutSystems Agile Network will be discontinued on December 1st 2015.

Even I have couple of my own tickets which are pending for days... hoping that would be answered or moved to new location which is under your profile section

Thanks for the reply.

However, it is not December 1st 2015 just yet. And the ticket was submitted in the support portal, not the partner portal (

I didn't know where you submitted your ticket.
EOD even I'm waiting for my tickets to be answered in both the location.
Hi Robbie and Kayala,

We looked into the issues you described and I can safely share that they are not related with the Agile Network Discontinuation (you can continue to rely on it until December 1st***) nor with the ticket submission via the Support KB - wich Kayala refered to above as "partner portal".

***IMPORTANT NOTE: the Agile Network "area" will be discontinued but the Support Portal will remain available - just better!

When you believe your support case / ticket is "stuck" please follow the appropriate channels to escalate the issue (respecting your subscribed support levels of course) so that we can provide appropriate response times and help you get back on your feet.

Do keep using the forums to get assistance from your peers, but keep in mind that it's not and official support channel. And, that said, I just have to thank you both for candidly sharing the issues you encountered here and working (behind the scenes with the OutSystems support team) to find a solution.

Davide Marquês
Customer Experience Team