Problems with Bali 9.1

I just made a upgrade to Bali version in my enviroment test. I have one action that generates new password and was encrypted by GenerateSaltedMD5Hash(). And now this action is deprecated.
Someone knows how to solve this, because a have tried use

GenerateSaltedSHA512Hash() action, but a i got a truncated message.

Hello Pedro

The MD5 Hash has been deprecated, but it's still available in Bali 9.1 What exactly is the use case that you have and is not working?

Do you get an error generating the SHA512Hash? Or validating the password?

Have you checked the breaking changes document for Bali 9.1? In this document you have details on the solutions to solve the breaking changes introduced in Bali 9.1.

Let me know if this helps.


Hello Miguel

First I wanna say thanks for your help. I double check the  breaking changes document  and found a way to fix my problem changing my logical programm.   

Thank you again.