I have used the code below to add html to head, but it didn`t work. 
Please help to have a look on it, thanks a lot.
function addmenuie5(){    
    var ss = document.createElement('div');
    var scr = '<div id=ie5menu class=skin1 onMouseover=highlightie5() onMouseout=lowlightie5() onclick=handleARs()> <div id=dist class=menuitems></div> <div id=dupt class=menuitems></div> <div id=dupa class=menuitems>Duplicate all Opened ARs</div></div>';
    ss.innerHTML  = scr;
    var hh = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
what does developer tools of chrome says?
when do you call that function?
why use javascript in the first place?