Can you use Tabindex in OutSystems?

Can you use Tabindex in OutSystems?

Hi All,

Like the title says: Can I use the HTML Tabindex attribute in OutSystems?
One wish from our customer is that he's able to tab through the MenuItems.
When I try this in a simple application (In Attachment) this does not work.

Has someone any experience with this?

Hi Martijin,

The tabindex attribute is automatically set to the fields, but you can override this by setting an extended property "tabindex" with the value you wish.

Best regards,
Hi André,

Thanks for your response.
I tried the solution you suggested in the oml attached above.
Didn't get it to work though, can you see where I go wrong?

Kind Regards
argh, 9.1.

it should work, since it's not outsystems-related.
So I am curious what exactly does not work?

ok, downloaded 9.1.
first of all "Alert" has to be lowercase. and end the script wit a ;
so "alert('ja');"

Hi Joost,

I looked at it a little bit more. (see new version OML)
The extended properties with tabindex works if you use it in input properties
The extended properties with tabindex doesn't work on links
When you set the tabindex through Script on the ID's of the link it does work though.

It looks like OutSystems bugs the setting of Tabindexes on links.
strange, in 9.0 the tabindex does get "rendered" in the html-page on a normal link.
perhaps the menu-widget does something special with it.

You're right Joost.
It's the menu-widget that does something special.
When I use the tabindex on link's in the screen it behaves perfectly.
That makes sense, as the menu isn't part of the normal workflow.
why not?

it's a bonus-feature of outsystems.. 
If I have a form with some input fields, I'd expect the tab order to return to the first one after I'd reached the last one. I'd be completely lost if it jumped to an outside-form object.