Space reclaimed, I have backup, how do I load from backup?
I got caught up in a lot of work and my space was reclaimed.  I have a backup but need instructions on how to load that back into my environment.

Hi Gary, Try this solution:

First, click on the Environment Management button

After, Factory, eSpaces, Upload

And after Is just choose your file.

Check the images below, is just follow these steps.

Hope I could help you,



Hi Gary,

What kind of backup are you talking about?


Hi all,

I would say that being a Personal Environment, the only "backup" he can have, if talking about applications, is one of the following:

1. OML files (modules)
2. OAP files (applications)
3. OSP files (solutions)

If you have individual OML's, you can try to open and publish them from Service Studio. But is likely to you be able to open, but not copy or publish anything due IPP.

The same goes for OAP files. They're entire applications and when you Open them, they will be installed in the environment. Again, you will have the same problem with IPP.

Solutions can be uploaded from inside Service Center. You go to Service Center, Factory, Solutions, and Upload & Publish a Solution, chose the file e publish it. Ops, IPP problem again.

So, you will have to talk to OutSystems to see if it is possible for them to publish your "backup" to your new environment.

The only exception is if you're talking about the OSP file OutSystems allows you to download, with all your applications, when your environment is recollected. You have 30 days after this event to download it. This OSP does not have an IPP, I think, and you can do the third option directly without problems (if you have any problem, contact OutSystems).

If it is Data backup, well, you will have to create an application to upload it and save it to the database in the new environment.

Hope this can help.



I think Gary is talking about the .OSP that is sent by OutSystems by mail when you have to reclaim your personal edition. 

Not sure if this is a new. But last week I had to reclaim one of my personal editions, I received an email from outsystems that I could reclaim it again, also received email with a link of the complete solution of my personal edition. The personal edition was empty. Needed to download the complete solution via the email and upload and publish it in my personal edition.

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