Silk Resizes when searching on webpage in Internet Explorer (ctrl+f)

When a user presses ctrl+f to search on a webpage then the silk-engine thinks the screensize has changed and starts resizing the page (which is terribly slow)

This is a serious user-experience problem because the resizing is so slow (even if it was not slow there should be no delay at all when the user presses ctrl+f to search on the page)

Firefox also has this problem, only chrome seems unaffected (because of the way they display the searchbox)


I agree this is annoying. It also happens when pressing F12 to bring up coder tools. Very annoying...
Hello Daniel,

Sorry for the late reply, but your post missed our radards. For Future posts, please use the Silk UI Forums.

Yes, we do understand this is an issue, but this behaviour will only happen on your Development Server. Also, you can switch this option on your browser. Check more information about it on the Silk UI website.

Nevertheless, we will add this situation to our backlog to be better analised.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
I will post Silk related questions in the forum you suggest from now on.