Outsystems Platform migration into AWS

Is it possible to port outsystems platform server 8.x enterprise edition into AWS ?
Are there any license restrictions ?
Are there any steps to migrate the current infrastructure into AWS cloud ?
Hello Ravi,

The OutSystems Platform supports running on top of AWS EC2 services, and you can migrate your 8.x environments to such EC2 instances, much like migrating into other hardware, using database clones.

You can use the guidelines in the technical Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone in version 7.0 (or later).

When you migrate the platform, you'll invalidate the installed license files, but do not worry. Just open a case in the support portal to release the license slots of your infrastructure to allow you to get the new license files.

Hope this information is helpful.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Are there additional license costs associated with this migration to AWS cloud servers (for the same users and software units license in existing hardware)? 
Hello Ravi,

If you're planning to migrate to AWS EC2 instances on your own AWS account, then there shouldn't be any additional costs, because it works much like migrating to new hardware.

But if you're considering adopting the OutSystems Public PaaS with also run on AWS cloud, then you may need to upgrade your license subscription and can inccur in additional costs. In that case you should engage with your OutSystems account manager.

Hi Miguel,

I am having AWS EC2 instances and I want to migrate my OutSystems application on EC2 instances.

Can you please explain me the procedure required for migration. I want my application to run independent of OutSystems is that possible?

Suraj Borade
Hello Suraj,

The OutSystems applications lifecycle and runtime is strongly linked to the OutSystems platform. It's not possible to use OutSystems to develop applications to deploy in non-OutSystems application servers, with one exception: the no lock-in exit strategy for paying customers.

If you've purchased an OutSystems subscription and no longer which to continue using the OutSystems technology, we're sad to see you go :(

You can detach your OutSystems applications into the standard .NET or J2EE code, and deploy them on the respective application server. Just reach out to your OutSystems account manager to trigger the process, and use the respective documentation below to guide you in the technical procedures to detach your applications.

The detach process for .NET
The detach process for Java