how to search from this form 

To the following form ,i mean to say when i search input in textbox and click on button this should go to the following form ,
Does anyone know how to redirect from form and display the following search results on another
Hello Tarun,

I'm new with Outsystems and just following the Developer course, but can't you just set the destination to another page and take over the search variables as parameters for the preparation of it?

I hope this is the case.

i tried setting the page to destination page. but it shows all the records on the page  .can u give me how to implement the parameters to destination page preparation ??


Find my seeing on this matter in the attechement.

You make a local variables in the screen where the search pulls off.
Then you make the action that gides you to the Search result page.
In the Search result page you get the aggregate in to a table using the list, with the right entitie.
Make Input variables on the resultscreen, In the aggregation use the variables to filter the result.

I hope this helps you to get your results right.


Thank you .very much it's working fine now :) thank you so much :)