can not make outsystem local host work

can not make outsystem local host work


Hello All
im very new to outsystems , and would liked to give it a try and see if its fit my needs.
so i strated by downloading the outsystem, but when i try to connect to network im preferring to use the localhost .
but its about 2 days and still couldn;t make it work !!! it alwyas syas can not connect to localhost using admin/admin
so if some body show me in steps requirements and what need to be preinstalled software...

many thanks
Unless you installed the full Platform server on your local machine with an Enterprise License, localhost won't work. If you are trying it out, you should have received information on your Personal Environment to connect to, with a hostname and credentials.


thanks alot for your reply.
1- if i create a full web application inside my trial version to make sure i can do everything with it... later on can i download it to my local host?
2- how much does the license cost ?
3- after i get license version , can i upload my app to any host ?

Based on my experience I can provide the following information.  Note that I do not represent Outsystems and my info may not be 100% accurate.

1) Outsystems will provide a way to move anything you create in the personal edition to an enterprise licensed version if you buy the license

2) Licenses vary significantly based on application size and number of users - contact Outsystems sales by going to this page -

3) Any host within a single site, yes - if you have multiple clients with the same application that are self-hosted, each would need a license but if you host them all in a multi-tenant environment you only need one license

Hope this helps,