Bulk select error

Bulk select error


I had a strange error when i try to resize a page that has multiple tables each with bulk select for that specific table. For example when i prview the application in Mobile window i get the attached scrappy look of the page and this message.
I appreciate your kind support solving this issue.

"//<![CDATA[ RichWidgets_List_BulkSelect_bootstrap('CloneOfRichWidgets_wt156_block_wtMainContent_wtGovornorateTable8_ctl02_RichWidgets_wt84_block_wtchkSelectAll', 'CloneOfRichWidgets_wt156_block_wtMainContent_wtGovornorateTable8', 'CloneOfRichWidgets_wt156_block_wtMainContent_wtPostingNewDeal') //]]>

It may happen because the header of table disappears while resizing the page to mobile size. If yes how we can fix this ?
The header disappearing is expected if you use e.g. SilkUI with a fluid theme. However, I've not encountered this specific error before.

That said, I see "CloneOfRichWidgets" in the text, which leads me to believe you've cloned and modified RichWidgets. Might that be the cause of these problems? Cloning/modifying RichWidgets is possible, but it isn't for the faint-hearted, and can easily lead to all kind of unexpected behaviour if you don't know exactly what you're doing (i.e. it's a very advanced thing to do).
What I was trying to say, is that it is difficult for someone to say something sensible about it, if the bug is caused by you modifying RichWidgets...
It's ok i deleted my comment i felt it's a bit aggressive . i will redevelope this part and check. Thanks anyway

No problem, I have tough skin :). Good luck.