I was wondering how I can know how to combine classes in CSS from the SilkUI framework in Outsystems. I already know I can style an element with class names separated by a space, like Button Success to style a button green as shown in the Dublin Template Preview Page. 

But what about the loading button on that page, for example? Or any other feature which is not on the SilkUIFramework Screen Flows folder?  I'll link an image of the button I mean for this example. I tried "Button Loading" or Button Load" but none work. Is there a straightforward way to know exactly which classes to combine to produce those effects? Such as for this specific example of a button or any other element?

Thanks in advance
Hello Group Seveteen,

Sorry for the late reply.
The Loading Button works exactly as the other buttons. You just need to add to the styles "Button Load", as stated on the Silk UI Website. However, in this particular case, this will only work when applied to Links. We will fix this information on the website.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus