How to record from a table by a dropdown 

There is Dropdown in page  from which i want to search how can i do that .
Hi Tarun. Have you already watched the Learn videos from Development Fundamentals?

Take a look at this one. It's a bit different of what you want to achieve, but it will put you on the way..

Hope it helps.
I Tried This But Is Also not working
What is not working? Try to explain better your problem, so we can help you if you are doing something wrong.
Hi Tarun Kumar,

I'm assuming you want to refresh your table records using the dropdown as a filter, you don't want to refresh all page when the dropdown value changes and the table needs to be updated. What you have to do is:
1) Add the dropdown value as a filter in the query that populates the table;
2) Name the Table Records widget. You will need this later;
3) In the "Search" button properties, set the "Method" to "Ajax Submit" and the "Destination" to a new action;
4) In the action flow, add a "Refresh Data" flow element (select the query that populates the  table records) and add an "Ajax Refresh" selecting the table records by its name.

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