Popup wont close if user doesn't have permission.


So the problem is that I have a pop-up screen, and its anonymous checkbox IS NOT ticked. When a non registered user attempts to open this pop-up I would expected the user would be redirected to the 'Invalid Permissions' default screen.

Instead, the pop-up opens to show the cogwheel and never closes nor shows its content. I have checked through debug that the application flow goes indeed to the 'No permission' screen and follows to the login screen. This while debugging, but the visual effect is that the pop-up is in the cogwheel for ever.

I stumbled upon this by accident and can't figure out why the pop-up doesn't close.

Attached are 2 omls, the 'CT_FrontEnd.oml' is file with the screens. The flow goes: [Entrypoint] Projects -> [Link] Click a project (assuming one is created) -> [Link] Click 'New Project Phase'

Thank you.
Hi Pedro,
I think your popup doesn´t close and redirect to Invalid Permissions because your main flow is not have catch exception.
Try to put error handler and see its works.

Hi Luis,

The catch of security exceptions and all other exceptions is in the Common web flow. Through debugging I confirmed that a security exception is thrown and caught by the error handling in the Common web flow.

One more thing I forgot to mention I removed the Login screen 'RemovePopups' web block (from the rich widgets).