Can we implement comma separated values in outsystems to display related data

i have a table actor which contains multiplerecord across a id ,How to implement a comma separate column  to match against 

which contains same id for two different actors

here have a look
This is such a weird request that I had to reread it several times and I'm still not sure what you are trying to accomplish.  Lets just use the five records for Ajay Devgan.  In this proposed CSV column, which requires no additional Outsystems feature, what would the data look like in this column?  One name and multiple Actor and Entries Ids?  If so, what do you do with the data then?

As with most other questions we need to know the end goal.  What are you actually trying to accomplish?  If it's to normalize this data, you don't need a CSV column for that.  If it's for something else, please describe better so we can help.

look at the 8 eidr id

.it contains two different actors name ,

but when i display it screen it just shows the one Actor   name.

it doesnt show both actor name.

that is y i need the csv 
Sorry Tarun, I would need lots more information before I could help.  Just using the two images and the poor description of what you are trying to do is just not enough for a simple solution and I cannot commit the time needed to solve this but I don't believe having a CSV field as you describe it is needed.

Good luck,
Display the names in a webblock. Pass the ID to it, do a separate query and create a string that lists them separated by commas
I don't know much about Outsystems, but enough about databases and this sounds like a key problem. The list seems to be keyed on ID and not on EIDREntriesid. Searching on the latter will give you non unique and random outcome, according to what the database finds first. So either make EIDREntriesid part of the key or entirely the primary key, if that's possible in Outsystems of coarse. Hope this has contributed a bit to solving this issue.
I have no clue as well.

assumption 1: 
you want to have a query like Select * FROM Actor where id IN (34636,4544,2333)
If that is the case, create an advanced query.

assumption 2:
you want to pivot the table?
again, advanced query and pivot it.

you don't want to have doubles, so create proper unique indexes on it?