[Easy Gantt] Converting Easy Gantt into a Task Scheduling app. - tweak suggestions / instructions?
Forge component by Guilherme Pereira
I understand that this component is built on this plugin, but I am looking for assistance in possibly tweaking this to be a scheduling app. where the rows would be people on a team, and then the bars would be particular 1-3 part tasks (per se) that the people in each of the respective rows would do during the dates the bar covers. The people would log into to view existing and to accept new tasks, and their manager would log in to actually pull from our Oralce database titles, dates, etc. of new tasks to be assigned.

Is there any suggestion for some basic steps that could be followed in order to customize it in this manner? This is the very first OutSystems app. I am trying to create, so any help would be greatly appreciated (even if higher level, I can bounce it off our OutSystems Customer Success group - as well as potentially get a little clarification from some of my team which may be further along). 

Thanks in advance.
Hi Steve,

The component itself like you've seen is a wrapper around the javascript plugin. So for you to implement the behavior you require you can either start by customizing the javascript and css or check if the plugin has a new version with the options you require and in that case it should be simpler.

I've checked the plugin page and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have been updated in the past years so this leaves you with option 1 which is the one that will take more work. As I never customized the javascript it self it will be hard to assist you but I can try to help if you have questions while customizing.

Thank you, Guilherme!
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