Outsystems Environment database misuse

HI,I would like to lodge a formal complaint to outsystems staff.i have only 3  very small apps with very very limited useage in my enture PE .But i get emails that have exhausted my entire 2gb. How on earth can such a thing happen when i have contents worth only 30 mb. i would appreciate if you guys look into my environment sort out what casued all these issues, it probably happened after the last platform server update and suddenly my database useage increased 100 folds

my service center error log
Time of Log:
2016-01-18 01:13:34
Session Id:
ReceiveTimeout for Error log
Environment Information eSpaceVer: 0 (Id=0, PubId=0, CompiledWith=
RequestUrl:  (Method: )
AppDomain: LogServer.exe
Path: C:\...\PS\
DateFormat: yyyy-M-d
PID: 2828 ('LogServer', Started='1/15/2016 4:13:19 PM', Priv=70Mb, Virt=606Mb)
TID: 22
Thread Name: Admin Queue Handler
.NET: 4.0.30319.34209

what kind of operation by the environment admin is sucking 600mb of space.  i repeat this happened immediately after outsystems updated my environment. is this a memory leak issue? please  i rge you guys to look into this issue.


I understand you might be frustrated, but "lodging a formal complaint to the outsystems staff" will not get you any friends - nor help.
@Kilian Hekhuis. No i am not frustrated at all, am just really surprised why it happened and curious to finding a solution to  the problem.that environment is basically empty of apps and has extremely low useage,barely any useage.i just got sudden mails that it was it would be unsuable due to exhausting 100% of my database. i have reported the issue 3 days ago and i havent gotten any feedback or acknowlegment of receiving my report regarding the issue. so i had to lodge a complaint regarding the issue only by opening a ticket where i linked my post.Thanks.
Are you talking about a cloud environment? Or is this an environment you manage yourself?
i am refering to my cloud personal environment.Thanks
I was asking because sometimes the IIS temporary files clog up. But I'd expect those to be cleaned automatically in a cloud environment.
attached is a snaphot. I hope outsystems can investigate this  issue becuase its really strange. Thaks alot for your help.
I take it the "view details" doesn't reveal any useful information?
yes it doesnt. the current situation is that my environmentr shutdown.This is not a software challenge were i can fix it by digging into the code. it  a platform issue that can only be solved by outsystems management team. i hope they can help me out becuase my environment is almost unuseable.i have been waiting for 4 dyas and i have not gotten any acknowlegement of feedback from outsystems regarding the issue
my cloud environment has been unstable for the past few days now. please i appeal to outsystems staff to look into the issue. my environment times out daily and  the database capacity says its exceeded the recomended size when the environment is actually virtualy empty. just contains 20 mb of actual content at most.Thanks
Hello Tmlewin,

You cloud environment was filled with system error logs, which caused the database to fill up. We're looking into why this happened and what we can do to prevent it.

In the meantime, we've released the database space used by those logs, and you should be able to wake your personal environment and check the status of the database usage.

Let me know if the usage returns to values over the limits.


@joao thanks for the effort . the database over limit is still there . check my attachment to see screenshots
Hello Tmlewin,

The database limit usage takes a while to update, but it has been updated.

Big thanks Joao.Please kindly update me on what caused the issue in the first place so that if it an issue unknowingly caused by me i can know how to fix or better avoid it.Thanks once again.