SilkUI:Accordion: Open multiple panels at the same time

Hi there I wonder if there is a way to keep the multiple panels of the Silk Accordion opened at the same time?
A click on a panel header would affect only the clicked panel – either open it or close it without closing any other opened panel.
I can’t use multiple Section/Expandables since I use them inside the Accordion already but Outsystems doesn’t allow Section/Expandable inside a Section/Expandable but allows them inside an Accordion.
Hi Andy,

Sorry for the late answer, but your post completely fell of radar...
In a perpective of Usability, your interface is sounding probably too complex... So I would advise you to rethinking it! ;)
Answering to your question directly, there's no easy way to have that functionality with the Silk Accordion.
Something that you can do, is to copy the Section Expandable pattern to your side (your module) so that you can then use it inside the original Section Expandable from Silk.

Let me know your thoughts.