Richwidgets Input Calendar on iPad

Richwidgets Input Calendar on iPad

Hi all,

Using version
I have a screen with the Input_Calendar widget that shows completely different on the iPad. I think it's using the default date picker and not the Input_Calendar.
Is there a way for me to "force" the browser to use the Input_Calendar?

Hi Gonçalo,

Just to make sure: the same eSpace looks ok when viewed on another device? Is it just the iPad or all Apple devices? Also on iOS? How about Android, or Windows?
Hello Kilian,

Yes, it look ok on every device. I've tested on many devices.
It only changes on iPad.
That's decidely weird. Unfortunately, I know little about iPads... I hope someone from OS can weigh in.
I experience the same problem. The input_Calender function changes on the ipad.
When I use it in a form and save the page. It saves the date/time value with +1 hour (!!)... 

When I test it using form validation and leave a different mandatory field empty and try to save it. It raises the time with +1 hour with every click... I don't think that should work like that...

Unfortunately it isn't possible to debug an ipad app :(
That seems like a DST problem? Anyway, OS should way in here.
I've opened a support case with them because this component is supported. I will keep this thread updated with the results!