Hi guys,

Here at OutSystems we're always looking into new ways to improve ourselves and help others.
For some time, we've identified the need to have a simple video demonstrating how to customize OutSystems Now for iOS. And quite a long time has passed since I was able to get time and record a video.

And since things become more enjoyable when shared, I am very pleased to share with you our unofficial video on how to customize.

Below you can find the links for the video and respective presentation:
- iOS customization video
- iOS customization presentation

Hope this helps you!

Happy coding,
Check out the presentation in slideshare.
@Ruben. Great work. I would personally appreciate it if you can do a video for android customisation  with outsystyems now. have been having issue especially with pluagins.Great effort..Thanks
Hi Tmlewin,

Thanks! It's in the backlog to do the same thing for Android! 

Ok.That would be nice.Thanks!
Hello Ruben,

Greate tutorial, do you have any information about the androind process?
Hi Jose,

Thanks! It's still on backlog... :/
I'll try to make it happen.