I am trying to check how the disableddates of the SilkUI calender control works. So I have the calendar control and I am passing the values for the DisabledDates as  output variable from a function which has values like "2015-3-6,2015-3-8,2015-3-7,2015-5-4,2015-5-7,2015-5-12,2015-6-16,2015-7-2,2015-10-19"

But when I run the application I see all the dates enabled for example "2015-3-6,2015-3-8,2015-3-7 should be disabled but it shows me all the dates as enabled.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
Hi V,

Thank you for the feedback.
The parameter 
DisabledDates needs to receive 8 numbers per each date (YYYY-MM-DD).

Can you please try this value instead?


Best Regards,
Daniel Reis