i want to implement searching 

Whenever a user Wants to search a record from a actor record if he wants to add another actor he should click + ,now the record that is too be shown from a record show contains all the movies that the two actors are in 

Does any 1 know how to implement it .

Actor table is child table of main table 

i want to implement searching on Multiple Actors

It depends on your implementation. If the user clicks the "+" and searches for an actor, do you retrieve the actor's Id (in the database)? If so, you could create an advanced query with an "Expand Inline" parameter that contains a comma seperated list of the actor Ids. In the query, you do something like:

SELECT {Movie}.*
FROM {Movie}
INNER JOIN {MovieActorLink} ON {MovieActorLink}.[MovieId] = {Movie}.[Id]
    AND {MovieActorLink}.[ActorId] IN (@ActorIds)