Integrate two different modules in a single project.


i have two different module in a single project, one is users and another is Managers, how can integrate both  the module in a single project. please  let me know if we can integrate it?

It's very easy to move eSpaces between applications (projects).  In the list of eSpaces for an application, hover over the eSpace you want to move and you'll see a link 'Move to ...'.  Just click that to move the eSpaces to any application (project) you want.

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Hi Curt,

Thanks for the update,
I am very much new to Outsystems, can you please be more specific.

Unfortunately, I can't. I provided the most simple instructions I could.  I don't know how I can explain it any differently.

Thank You Curt
Hi Subhaj
Try this:
1 - On Service Studio, go to your environment:
2 - Put the mouse over the module you want to move

3 - Click on "Move To" and the list of applications will show up. 

4 Select the destination app.

Does it help?
Hi Vera,

Thank You So very much.
Move to element was not visible until unless you move the curser to it.
yes it helped. thank you again.