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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs

How do we set up our OnTrack installed on our server to sync and keep track of customer environments?  

In  OT_ECTConnector/UnmappedEspaces.aspx?  the dropdown says Environments which leads me to believe we can sync different environments, but I am unable to see where this is done..

I have full rights for OnTrack...
Hi Riaan.

That's a feature that is planned but is not implemented yet.
It will be available soon.

Stay tuned.

Would it not work setting the ECT Client Connector to use our server url instead of localhost?
I don't think.
There are some additional configurations and dependencies that need to be adjusted.
We have just managed to forward the ECT's to our own server running ECT Server Connector...

We are currently syncing different environments through to Rally...  Just need to figure out where submit external reports to internal ECT instead of Rally...

Using ECT Server Connector on our server (hacked to split Rally ECT's and client App) we have managed to forward ECT's directly from client environment through to our server running OnTrack...

This is quite possible...
I'm not sure if I understood your question.

Yes, it is possible to sync client ects to ontrack app.
But that feature is not implemented in ontrack app.

After synching ects from client server to customer server, ontrack needs to perform some analysis on that data in order to make it available in its backoffice (OT_ECTConnector/UnmappedEspaces.aspx that you mensioned).
My question was related to running OnTrack on our servers, and having Customer Servers sending their ECT's back to our servers...

The UnmappedEspaces.aspx originally not having our clients Application listed, but here is what we did to make it work:

1.  Install ECT Client Connector in Client Environment  (this forwards local ECT to remote URL)
2.  Configure ECT Client Connector to use url of our ECT Server Connector (now our server accepts inbound ECT's)
3.  Change code of ECT Server Connector (which is currently used for Rally syncing) to also deliver inbound ECT's to local Feedback...
4.  Change code of OnTrack Mappings to display those ECT's in a meaningful way (add environment information, add serial number, categorise Internal/External/Named environments)...

If I read what you wrote above, I understand that there is more to this than just getting the information in and that OnTrack actually analyses data -- Haven't had the app long enough to see the impact of the analysis or how it comes together...  

Would you mind pointing out the analysis done perhaps?

-- How far off is an OS integration that is not hacked together?
I'm not able to tell you in detail what is missing in your adjustments, without exploring the app implementation.

What I know is that ontrack ECTs integration is based on ECTProvider, that is the core of this integration.
In this specific case, ontrack depends of ECTServerConnector, that receives Customer ECTs and import them to ECTProvider.
Could you tell me when the environment sync will be available?
And which new management features are planned.

Gonçalo Almeida

I have uploaded a component that allow you to map external ECTs from different environments (and different infrastructures).

Here is the link https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1416/ontrack-ect-connector/

I think that it fits your needs.



I have installed OnTrack in my personal environment and have followed the instructions to add environments to try and connect with our group platform and environments but with no success.

Is the fact that I'm using my personal environment a factor in this? 

Also, I tried to install OnTrack in one of our Group platforms but it's incompatible with our version of SILK and i can't seem to overcome this.

Is there a newer version of OnTrack imminent to use the new SILKUI?