Form inputs get readonly class while they can be editted

I have a problem with the form component.

When the inputs on the form can be editted but do not have the focus they get the class readonly.
So the background becomes gray.
When an input is really readonly (enabled = false) there is also the class readonly (and ther readonly attribute is set to readonly).
For the user there is no diffence between readonly because of is has not the focus or the control is readonly because it can not be editted.
In the first senario the readonly class should me be placed on the input. Give it a "nofocus" class or something.

Hi Johan

I agree with you, for the user's eyes there is no difference. I had this issue once, and my workaround was to override the css style - readonly - to have a different background color.

screenshot here:


Hi Vera,

Thanks for your reply. I did the same thing and also added my own class "RealReadOnly" when I disable the control.

Is this the way to report the bug or should I report it somewhere else?
Not sure if it's a bug or a feature :)
But you can send your feedback directly to the team here:

by clicking on "Send feedback" button


Okay but it is not an SIlkUI issue but a forms issue :)
We encountered also this problem:
It looks like it’s a Liverpool/SilkUI thing. In London this doesn't happen by my notice.

how can I remove the read-only class in edit mode?

I am facing same issue as Vera Tiago.


I'm facing the same problem on Service Studio 11 Traditional Web, I removed the Style Class "form" of the form component, after that, some pencil icons apeared under the inputs, so I had to define this in the CSS:


 and it was solved. I don't know any other consequences of it, but until now its ok!

If any of you know problems in doing it, i'd like to know.