Searching an entire site

I'm working on an application in OutSystems 8.0 which contains a lot of information in various places. Is there a way to implement a search function which will allow you to type a full or partial search term and pull up the relevant results from different areas of the site?
Hi Olivia,

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Regarding your question, there's nothing out of the box, that I'm aware off. This means that you'd need to implement it your self.
Typically, what I've seen is that this type of searches are actually created where they are more performant, meaning on the Database server.

Sorry for the vague answer,
Let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.

Hi, thanks for your reply :)
Do you know if there would be an efficient way to implement it myself? What I would want to do is have a search box on my site which will enable people to search for specific terms and it would pull up the pages containing these terms as search results.

Hi Olivia,

There are several way of achieving that. One would be to leverage a crawler service (such as google and so on) that have an API, that then you can get results of your own site, based on the indexaction that was done. This is a paid option, but also easier to implement. To be honest our experience with google service for that, wasn't that good.
You can create your own content crawler that would then store information in a metadata database, sounds too complex :/

Let me reachout for a couple of colleges, to see if they ahve better ideas.


Yeah, I looked into using Google but didn't want ads on my site. Thanks so much for your help, that would be great :)