I can not connect to my environment
Every time I try to connect to my environment I receive the following message: Connection timed out while contacting ´mit.outsystemscloud.com´. Check your network connection and if the problem persists increase the 'Short operations Timeout' value in Preferences.
Can anyone help me ?

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Hi Luciano,

For questions or issues related with your Personal Environment, please forward those to success@outsystems.com.
That way we can guarantee that we give you the right assistance as soon as possible.

Still, the error you are getting looks to be related with your current network connection.
Could you please try to test it in another network connection and check if the error still persists?

Additionally, and as the error mention, you can try to increase the Short Operations Timeout configuration on Service Studio.
You just need to go to Edit -> Preferences and then setup the desired value, like shown on the image below:

Could you please give it a try and tell us how it goes?

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Thanks Filipe, I have sent an email to success@outsystems.com