I am constantly getting these "Scalability Suggestions" on 'For Each' loops, suggesting to set Start Index to 0 and Maximum Iterations to some ListRecords on the screen which the loop has no relation to. Key Note: The loop does NOT iterate over the list which the suggestion is refering to.

Why is OutSystems suggesting this, what is the logic behind this invalid Suggestion?

I prefer to have my console with no warnings, and it's starting to bug me that my applications are filled with these invalid warnings. Can we #pragma disable these somehow, or better yet, would OutSystems please revise this logic?
Hi Daniel,

Are you able to replicate the problem with a sample eSpace?
The suggestion should only appear if the iterating list is also being used Source of the widget.

As for hidding the warnings, you can hide them.
Right-Click on a warning in the list and choose the Hide option.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thank you for your reply - I understand why this is being suggested now; the majority of the time these suggestions have not applied to my scenarios, since I am purposely iterating over the whole list, and not the displayed list, (at which point I would iterate the widget's list, not the source list). Thank you for pointing out we can hide these warnings - much obliged.