Validation Question

Validation Question


Hi All,

I am building a survey based template and have come across something I am unsure on how to do (or if it can be done at all).

Basically once a user logs onto my survey he will have to select a language from a drop down box e.g English/French/Spanish etc.

Once they have choosen they will have to answer a number of questions which will be asked in their choosen language. Each of these questions are mandatory so if a user tries to submit at the end  and he hasnt answered all the questions then he will get a validation error stating a question has not been answered.

My question is can I change this validation error to come up in the language the user has choosen in the previous screen? I know this may be hard coded but thought I would ask.

Thanks for any help.
Hi David,

I'm not quite sure what mechanism you're using to output the messages. It maybe Feedback messages or the widgets validation message.

Either way, the native multi-language capabilities of the OutSystems Platform allow you to centralize the translated messages, and the application behavior should be transparent and only dependent on the locale you've selected. This means that all messages will automatically adjust to the selected language.

You just have to change the application locale, based on your dropdown selection.

I suggest that you take a look into this topic on our help repository:

Hi Carlos,

Its the standard validation that pops up if a box is mandatory to fill in. Which will say "required field" or something similar, thats what I need to change.

Hopefully that makes things a bit clearer.

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.
Yes. You can change that.

This video will provided the needed steps for you to achive that.

After defining the default validation message (we advise the use of English) that you can use the Multi-Language features to put in the translation in a trasparent way.