Access Lotus Notes Database from OutSystems

Hello Community memebrs,

Can we access Lotus Notes DB from OutSystems? 

Do we have any example of this?

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Good Morning Team,

Can anybody please provide me updates on this?

--Suraj B

Check this post.

Hope that helps.

Hi Suraj,

I'm speaking from my own experience, so I hope others can reply to you as well. In my case I've done OutSystems projects to migrate Lotus Notes apps. There wasn't actually a database integration since all the data could be obtained in excel format from Lotus Notes and then easily imported to OutSystems applications. Lotus Notes user interfaces, being mainly CRUD-based, can also be very easily rebuilt with the platform.

Also, I'm not aware of which database is Lotus Notes using (according to a quick google search it's a proprietary file format), but if you could find a .NET/Java library able to read these files you could do it through Integration Studio IDE or else using OutSystems Database Plugin SDK to build your own database connector and use it in your OutSystems installation.

Heya, good source Nuno, thanks!
Hey, Thanks Nuno and Pedro. I will check and update you guys. It's Friday evening so leaving for home now.

Happy weekend.

--Suraj B