Triggering Button Click

Triggering Button Click


I'm wondering how you trigger a click event on a button without actually clicking it. I want to be able to click on a button which will cause a different button to be clicked. I've created the button, set the 'visible' property to false.... Does anyone know where I go from here?


Try to use the widget_click action from the rich widgets?
I can't find this in OutSystems 8.0. Is it only in a later version?
Did you add check the action in the "Add/Remove Dependencies" After that it should be available for use in the Logic Tab under Richwidgets.
Ah, I didn't know you could do that (I'm quite new to OutSystems). Thanks so much, you've saved me a lot of trouble!

Is it possible to call this action from a url?  I am using Dynamic Menus from the Forge, which creates a menu based on the Level of the url (nesting) and the url that is set.


What are the specifications for widget click. For some reason it doesn't appear to work.