What is the maximum database size in Outsystems?


What is the maximum data I can store in OutSystems databse for one application?

Suraj B
Hi Suraj,

In runtime, applications are running directly on IIS / jBoss / WebLogic over SQL Server / Oracle / mySQL, so I believe that the limits are the ones from the infrastruture and Database under the hood.

Let me know if this answered to your questions!


Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the reply.

First thing I would like to know is if I am using dot net stack of Outsystems, behind the scenes which database is getting used and how should I connect to that database? ( I want to access Outsystems entities from SQL Server/Oracle)

As per your reply, if I am using SQL Server / Oracle database, maximum size supported by that Database would be size of my Outsystems Database, right?

Thanks a lot.

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Suraj Borade
With the .net stack you can use either SQL Server or Oracle... If you're installing on permisses it's your call.

What I was trying to say is that the max size is not limited neither controlled by OutSystems Platform, when installed on permises/cloud.

Regarding the personal environment (not sure if this wasn't your question), the max size of the database is 1GB.