I am looking for finetuning the oracle instance, because at the moment we have tons of slowsql of the deployment.

OS: OutSystems.HubEdition.DeploymentController. Database.DBScriptsExecutor.ExecuteInlineStatementWithTimeout took 546 ms

I cannot find any proper document how to setup Oracle properly...

Hi there!

Unfortunately that entry does not say much about the source of it - that line is a generic entry for "run some SQL code" (ExecuteInlineStatementWithTimeout). If looking for why that particular instance is taking some time, more information will be needed.

Regarding "how to fine tune an Oracle instance", the essentials are the same as for SQL Server:

a) proper sizing. You can use this document as a starting point: www.outsystems.com/goto/System-Requirements-9. If hardware is undersized, no good performance will come from there;

b) maintenance. We never produced content for Oracle, but the principles are the same as for SQL Server: regular index rebuild/defrag/reorganize, backups, appropriate file size configuration (in Oracle, given the multiplicity of files, this is more complex). Another useful reference is this knowledge base article.

Other things that generally help the health of a database is cleaning it up. We're preparing a more exhaustive article at Support for that, but the essentials are:
- Clean up / archive BPT processes using the BPT API 
- Clean up old eSpace versions (and other elements) using the DBCleaner API (or the open-source forge component that uses that API and adds a few functionality).

Finally, I saw that you have opened a Support case with OutSystems in the mean time. I'd suggest looking into these suggestions and updating the case with your findings, should they be relevant.