I was wondering how to use Facebook and LinkedIn connectors from forge to have both social and normal sign up / login flow in my app?
After succesfull authentification with social connector I can access data in user's social profile and perform actions, but how should I link this user to user from my Users entity in the app to have access to screens and actions for registered users?
Built-in User_Login action needs password to be passed and how should I know users password if users loges in with facebook for example? Or there is another way or action to login user inseide the app?

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

Did you try this component? http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-versions/609/Facebook+Connector
This has the connector+sampledemo. 

You can take a look.


Hi Vera,

Yes, I've tried this component but in the demo there the user never is authentificated inside the app itself (no new record is created in Users entity) - I mean that this component allows access to facebook data but not access to Screens and Actions for "Registered" role. 
Problem solved by usig standart "Login" action from Systems Dependencies -> After Social Login new user record is created and asociated with social id - next time only user id is needed to perform "in-app" login.