Ajax refresh of editable table in OnRowDelete event giving error

Hi Everyone,

I am using editable table in my page.
If I am doing an ajax refresh of the editable table in OnRowSave event then it is working fine. But if I am doing the ajax refresh in OnRowDelete then it is giving "Index out of range" error. Is this the intended behaviour?
Please help me.

"A user has a problem. They think 'let's use the Editable table'. Now they have two problems."

That said, no, it's probably not intended. The Editable Table is the biggest piece of disaster OutSystems has ever created, and it has extremely lousy OS support. It's a real embarressment that after so many versions, the ET is still not bug free (not to mention the CustomMask forge component that was meant to alleviate some of it's problems, but is also bug-ridden and completely dead).