unable start Outsystems Deployment controller service

unable start Outsystems Deployment controller service.
Please could you suggest that how to start Outsystems Deployment controller service as earliest as possible .

You should be more clear. The deployment service should start automatically. Are you saying it doesn't? If you start it manually, what happens? Does the Windows event log show anything? Etc.
I was restarting manual, but unable to start Deployment Controller service Please find attached screen shot Thanks, Shivakumar
Have you checked the Windows event logging? Perhaps an error is logged there?
Hi Please check below stement in Windows even log,please check it provide solution for this.
This server is not configured as the Deployment Controller. Starting Deployment Controller Service is not allowed. Stopping Service

Thanks in advance
Well, that's a good hint for what's wrong :). Apprently, you need to configure something. However, I have to refer you to the OutSystems installation manuals, as I have never dealt with installing the platform myself. Or you may contact OutSystems support, if you have a support contract.
Hi Shivakumar,

Is this happening in your personal environment?


Is it possible to check the Windows event log on the personal environment? Don't think so? So I would guess it's an on-premise installation.

This issue in QA environment
This is normal, expected behavior.

You cannot start the "Deployment Controller" service on a server which is NOT the deployment controller.

If you feel that this server is supposed to be the deployment controller (for example, if it is the only server in the environment) you need to re-run the configuration tool and make sure that it is set up correctly, particularly on the deployment controller tab.

HI Shivakumar

It seems Support is already helping you out with this problem. Hope you get your problem solved!