OutsystemsNow works offline?

Is it possible to use OutsystemsNow application to work offline? I have an app that uses offline apps component and I would like to access it via OutsystemsNow native app. When I try it now I have a message that connection to server was lost. 
Thank you.

OutSystems Now is a mask to a website in a smartphone layout.
When you start the app it connects to the server to validate your credentials, you need to be online.
After that, you can be mostly offline, as long as your code works that way.
I've tried demo app "Inspections" that has an offline mode and it works ok if there is NO "DefaultApplicationURL" setting is set up. If DefaultApplicationURL is not set (default) then I see list of my apps and "offline mode" message on top and can access "Inspections" app. If I set this option to "/Inspections/" to run only this app then offline mode seems to be broken - see attached screenshot.